What is Dave Tuttle Insurance and
Who is Dave Tuttle

I started my insurance career with Equitable Life in 1972; I stayed a year and was going to make my mark in another field only to find myself back in the insurance marketplace in 1976. I found early on that it was a very important aspect of my chosen profession to be as informative as possible so that my clients could make an intelligent decision having the facts in front of them. So I look at myself more as an educator not salesman, I still feel that way today.

Living in Alaska gives one a sense of community because those people you want to deal have been having the same challenges in their world and can relate.

I know that there are many aspects of life that require protection and for some it means insurance, some it means investment but in either case knowing that there are options can provide piece of mind.

I represent several companies in the arenas of health, life, disability, safe money investing and long-term care. I strive to provide options that are relevant to my clients needs with the positive solutions.

I look forward to meeting you, speaking to you and providing what I can to make your life more of what you need it to be, now and hopefully into the future providing solutions for you and those around you.